Handcrafted Leather Backpack - OCHRE handcrafted
NOMAD rucksack
  • $2,420.00
Canvas Rucksack - OCHRE handcrafted
TRAVERSE rucksack
  • From $2,390.00
Leather Laptop Bag Handmade - OCHRE handcrafted
SIDEKICK knapsack
  • $1,770.00
handmade leather backpack - OCHRE handcrafted
NOMAD dayruck
  • $1,720.00
Canvas Drawstring Backpack - OCHRE handcrafted
FLATPACK backpack
  • $380.00
Leather Bag With bold stitch - OCHRE handcrafted
OUTFIELD handbag
  • $670.00
Ladies Shoulder Bag - OCHRE handcrafted
FORAGER shoulder bag
  • From $230.00
Cummuter Backpack - OCHRE handcrafted
COMMUTER cross-body bag
  • From $1,105.00
Waxed Canvas and Leather Weekender Bag - OCHRE handcrafted
OVERLAND duffel bag
  • $1,790.00

Handmade Leather Bags:

Hard-wearing backpacks, duffels, messengers, and handbags made of leather and canvas.

Each piece is built using heirloom-quality materials, and designed to be at your service for many years. They will take on a wonderful rich character with age - one which tells a story uniquely yours.

Thoughtfully designed for the rugged minimalist, and handcrafted one-at-a-time in Toronto, Canada.