Adaptability and grit is essential for the modern adventurer, and you want gear that makes it look easy...

Everything in the OCHRE handcrafted lineup is thoughtfully designed for the rugged minimalist, and handcrafted in Toronto, Canada. Each piece is built using heirloom-quality materials, and created by hand - carefully and one at a time. These goods will be at your service for years, taking on a rich character with age - one which tells a story uniquely yours.

Every effort is made to ensure that these goods will endure the test of time. Guaranteed to be free of manufacturing defects, each product is covered by a lifetime free repair policy. The OCHRE name has an excellent track-record, but in the unlikely event that your piece is not performing as it should, you can trust that this maker stands behind his product and is faithfully committed to making it right.


My name is Julian Petti and I’m the owner / operator of OCHRE handcrafted. I’m a designer, adventurer, musician, and craftsman. My journey into design started simply with a desire for gear that I just couldn’t find out there. Travel and adventure is a big priority of mine, and so designing my own gear became a fun hobby, and shortly thereafter, an exciting career path. I wanted simple minimalist wares that would perform well in the wild, age nicely, and still have a classic, timeless style. No problem, I would just create it myself! OCHRE handcrafted was launched in 2015, and this has been one of the most rewarding and meaningful adventures of my life. Thank you for all your support!