Handmade Leather Carriers - OCHRE handcrafted

Collection: Specialty Accessories

Paint Brush Roll Leather - OCHRE handcrafted
Pantbrush Set Leather
Artist's Tool Roll
From $115
CAMERA | Cushioned Neck Strap
CAMERA | Cushioned Neck Strap
CAMERA | Cushioned Neck Strap
Camera Wrist Strap Leather - OCHRE handcrafted
Custom Leather Strap for Photographers - OCHRE handcrafted
CAMERA | Hand Clutch
dark brown pencil case - OCHRE handcrafted
3-ring leather pencil case - OCHRE handcrafted
3-Ring Zip

Handmade Leather Specialty Accessories:


cases, straps, and attachments for your gear.


These leather accessories are handmade using heirloom-quality materials - they're designed to be at your service for many years, taking on a wonderful rich character with age.


Handcrafted one-at-a-time in Toronto, Canada.